The European Sports Centre is situated in Limburg, an extraordinary province in the south of the Netherlands, with rich natural environment, culture, history, sports and innovative business life. Of the twelve Dutch provinces, Limburg is the most Europe-orientated. Its borders with Belgium and Germany span more kilometres than its border with the rest of the Netherlands

Limburg and the Euregion with Germany and Belgium offer optimal training-conditions for professional sportsmen and women and teams preparing for their season, championships and major events like World Championships and Olympic Games.


Thanks to its mild climate, central location in Europe, excellent facilities and accessibility Limburg is also the ideal location for individual athletes and teams looking for a base camp in Europe. 


Limburg and the Euregion have expertise, experience and top facilities for (almost) any sport, the main focus being on football (also women’s), cycling and athletics.


In the European Sports Centre all the above qualities of Limburg and the Euregion come together and will be tailored to an arrangement to suit your requirements. We will take care of every aspect of your stay so that you can focus on the contents of your training camp. With top-class accommodation and elite multi-sports facilities, expert sport-specific and (para)medical guidance and concierge service to attend to your needs and wishes 24hrs a day for the duration of your trip, you will have everything you need. And at competitive prices.